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About us

Wollega University Library and Documentation Service was set up in January 2007. The main goal of the Library is to back the university to achieve its goal of research-based, student-centered teaching-learning task and knowledge transfer. The Library is located in the main campus, Nekemte. It gives 24/7 full library, Internet and information service to 30,000 student population and more than 600 faculties.

Presently, library is automated with Koha library management software.  And library having digital library facility by using DSpace digital library software.  Also developed android app for ease access of library facilities.  The Library’s specific purpose is to help the parent organization conduct its teaching-learning, research, and publication activities through providing information, reference, research, Current Awareness Service (CAS), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), recreation and reading services.  WU Library is run by about 186 library staff and departmentalized to give library, information and documentation service to its patrons.

University having different departmental libraries in throughout the campus.  Those are FB Library, Engineering Technology Library, PG Library, Business and Management Library and Health and Medical Library to facilitate to ease access of resources for the user community. 

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