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Acquisition and cataloging section: to adopt book selection policy, to select books, ask and prepare library budget, place purchase order, receive (acquire), accession new books, catalog new books upon arrival, prepare the card catalog or book format catalog or computerized catalog and display for public access, etc.


Circulation Section: Circulation Section handles the Front Desk operations of the library and is very important because it is the first contact point for faculty and users to the library.

Classification Section: to classify all information resources using DDC classification scheme, to assign book Call No and give book label, to prepare shelf guide list and arrange books according to the classification scheme on the shelf, etc.



Binding and Documentation Section: to give reprographic service such as photocopying, duplicating scarce documents, to bind, to mend damaged books, and bind paper copy books with hardcover to extend books’ life, and other documentation tasks.


Bookstore section: to receive and organize books, to keep inventory control of all books and related information materials, to shelf and preserve books, to distribute books to the concerned branch libraries and departments, etc.



Reference Section: to give readers’ advisory service to users on how to use the library, to answer reference questions, to display new arrivals, to arrange dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, yearbooks, maps , atlases, gazetteers, to give library orientations and instructions to the users, to give current awareness service (CAS) and selective dissemination of information (SDI) to its special users, etc.


Periodical Section: to subscribe to government and private newspapers, to prepare and display newspapers, magazines, journals, serials; to organize and display periodical publications on various subjects and current issues, etc.


ICT Section: to give computer service, INTERNET and email service, to assist and give consultancy service on how to use and exploit other electronic information media of the library, assist and advise how to browse the web for educational sites, etc.


E-Library Section: to give electronic books service, to log into different university libraries over the INTERNET, etc


Administration section: to plan, manage and coordinate the overall library works; to direct and evaluate the works being done; to supervise and lead the library as well as prepare reports to concerned body to achieve the stated goal of the University.

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Digital Library                                     

Welcome to Dspace Digital Library page, you can access here wide variety of data like Text files, Audio files as well as Video files.  We are provided both online and offline links, when students are in within campus can click and access offline links  and when they are in out side the campus need to select online links.  We are providing here subject wise link for our students community.

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